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'Knowledge of Physics is gained by experimentation, observation and deduction' For any school, Physics lab is always treated as the hub of scientific activities, a plan to inculcate scientific temper and to let the children innovate, relating the discipline of physics with nature and natural phenomena. The Physics lab in our school provides all the desired support systems for formal as well as informal lab activities pertaining to the existing CBSE as well as competitive exams like JEE and AIEEE syllabus. In keeping with the national and international standards our lab is equipped with the latest apparatus and is updated every year. Special features of the Physics lab are:
  • Reflecting telescope
  • Astronomical telescope
  • Cathode ray tube
  • Photographic machine
  • Spectrometer etc.



The Chemistry Laboratory of the school is among the best with maximum seating capacity of 48 students. The laboratory is designed following all the safety norms. Each student enjoys 1.67 m2 free area within the lab. The working table top is made of chemical proof high quality granite. Laboratory is well equipped with synthetic resin based water treatment plant, electronic balances, electric hot plate, fire extinguisher, emergency water supply, medical kit etc., Lab coat is compulsory for students. Extra pure grade chemicals and borosilicate glass made apparatus are essential parts of the chemistry laboratory.


The Biology lab is a museum-cum-demonstration lab. It can accommodate 45 students. It caters to IX, X, XI, XII Science and Biology practical. The lab has 38 unilocular microscopes, two bilocular microscopes, 38 dissecting microscopes, 150 charts, 30 models, 100 preserved specimen, 100 permanent slides and centrifuge to mention a few. The syllabus of Biology covers the latest developments and is designed based on technological needs. The mission of the teachers is to train young minds and to disseminate knowledge in the field of Science.


The school has established a well equipped Mathematics laboratory. In the lab, the school has introduced and displayed various models as well as quiz boards with the specific purpose in enhancing the students mental abilities and broadening their horizon of knowledge in the field of Mathematics. The lab has also introduced highly sophisticated latest Multi Media techniques. The students conduct their practical by viewing L.C.D. Projector and by performing various experiments using mathematical models and tools. Some of the unique features of the laboratory are as follows:
  • Using Electronic Mathematical Quiz Board for learning formulae.
  • Using Geometrical Instruments to learn the basic definitions of geometry that of parabola, ellipse etc.
  • Using Graphical Methods to solve the problems of linear equations.
  • Using Mathematical games to learn squares and cubes of various numbers.
  • The Lab has special mental ability corner which features puzzles, riddles and other mathematical fun activities.
  • The Lab also contains various project work made by the students for the lab.
  • The Lab has a mini library consisting of books on Mathematics.
  • Special emphasis is laid on learning of Vedic methods of Mathematics so as to expedite calculations.
  • Students are also guided about the use of Mathematics in day to day life by various practical examples like explanation of Archimedes Principle.
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